If You Can Company Limited, also known as IYC, is more than a software company. We are a technology firm that transforms businesses by generating ideas, leveraging our own intellectual property and building products to help others accelerate growth.

We are a passionate group of seasoned professionals from very diverse technology backgrounds.  Originating from numerous countries and cultures, we work tirelessly from offices in four countries at deploying the latest technologies to update old fashioned business processes and capabilities.

Our excellent set of products and services can help your firm change to be more successful.


A talent stack is the specific combination of talents and skills that help determine your value to a potential employer or client. IYC’s talent stack is impressive.

What is your talent stack?  If you have a talent stack to showcase, finding a home for those skills will not be difficult.  IYC can be that home.  Look at this picture and imagine experiencing such a rich culture in this amazingly vibrant city while expanding your talent stack.

If you are a potential client, our talent stack will definitely be of service and value to you.