One of our founders wanted to move to Thailand back in the 90s. He flopped out his talent stack, got some interviews and was on his way. Next, he gave his cat to his mother, bought a plane ticket and landed in Bangkok with $9,000 in his pocket. At the time, it was his entire estate.

If your talent stack is in shape and you think that you have what it takes, then what are you waiting for?



A talent stack is the specific combination of talents and skills that help determine your value to a potential employer or client.

What is your talent stack?  If you have a talent stack to showcase, finding a home for those skills will not be difficult.  IYC can be that home.  Look at this picture and imagine experiencing such a rich culture in this amazingly vibrant city while expanding your talent stack.


We have a network of recruiting partners.  We’ve worked with all of them and we definitely have our preferences.  Take advantage our past mistakes and get straight to the right employer.

Whether right out of school and as green as a leaf, or you’re experiencing a midlife crisis wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life or you’re a seasoned executive looking to ride it out in the Land of Smiles, we can help you.

If we don’t have a role for you in our organization, we’ll forward your CV to the right recruiter.



If you want to try to entrepreneurial skills here, Bangkok is ready for you. We suggest that you start off in a co-working space, even for advanced teams of up to 20 people.  There are many of co-working spaces all over the city.  There’s likely one near any location where you would be interested in living.

We started in a co-working space and, like with most things, we have our preferences.  For just a few bucks a day, you can have an amazing work location in one of Bangkok’s nicest new office buildings right in the center of everything.

Let us know, we can hook you up and maybe even get you some preferential pricing. Steer clear of the international brands. They’re overpriced and inflexible.

If you have what it takes, reach out to us and send us your CV.