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Seriously, why not?


Bangkok is a major metropolitan city offering everything you need professionally or personally from mega industrial estates for your production lines to modern office buildings with an excellent digital infrastructure for your pivot to Asia corporate strategy to some of the best hospitals and international schools in the region.

Living in Bangkok is more than just housing. It includes life here in general:  work | play | school | social activities | etc.  But, housing and accommodation is the focus of this section.


Free standing houses in Thailand are generally contained in large housing estates with club houses, tight security, swimming pools, neighborhood activities and other things to make you feel at home.

If living in the tranquil outskirts of city center, these housing estates (called “moo bahn” by the Thais) are best for you. Don’t worry, you’ll likely be near a school with plenty of retail and entertainment options nearby. The developers have thought of that.

Prices depend upon developer, location and amenities. However, for $2,000 per month, you can slide into something amazing, maybe even your own private pool.


Do you need to be close to the action?  If so, it’s a bad ass high rise residential tower for you.  Bangkok has whatever you want:  apartment or condominium in all flavors, quality and price points, furnished or not, serviced or not.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then you have no idea what you want.