Help Small Businesses

Help Small Businesses

Since the coronavirus arrived on the scene, small businesses have been getting obliterated worldwide, and the lives of the proprietors along with them.  National and local governments have been enacting policies that have been a boon for big businesses and destructive for small businesses.

It’s time for us normal people to step up and help the small businesses that define our communities and add to the character of what we call home.  We should limit our purchases via large algorithmically driven e-commerce platforms and get back to satisfying our needs as local as possible.  If we don’t, our options will continue to narrow and the wealth gap will continue to widen.

When it gets to the point where you must order a loaf of day-old bread delivered by a Bezos drone rather than walking to the local bakery and getting a fresh warm loaf, we’re done as a society.  Coronavirus has accelerated our march to that characterless life.

When you order something directly from a local business, you still have customer service options to handle issues.  On the other hand, when you order food from Uber or Grab and they deliver the wrong items, good luck getting made whole.  You getting made whole will require too much effort on your part and you’ll never really be made whole.

So, our inaugural “small business of the month” that we want to support is Chocker’s Australian Bistro and Bar on Langsuan Road in downtown Bangkok. Chockers Australian Bistro and Bar offers a range of modern interpretations of staples that are bold and intriguing while remaining approachable and familiar. The menu includes items such as Australian meats and seafood, while their meat pies with mushy peas is simply the best. Also available are caesar salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, some local Thai dishes and some specialty signature dishes. The world-famous flat-white, long- black, latte, espresso and cappuccino coffee is the best in chockers following the well-known Melbourne café tradition. The menu also offers specials of the day. The bar features a range of Australian, New Zealand, French and Chilean wines, including draft beer and cocktails.







Adding to their amazing cuisine is the character of the restaurant itself.  The ambiance is lovely and friendly guaranteeing that you will make new friends.

And Chucky, the owner and operator, is one of the finest and funniest characters you’ll ever meet.  You’ll go back for Chucky as much as you will for his kitchen creations, and that says a lot.

Trust us and give Chocker’s a chance and keep our local communities vibrant.

So, please follow Chocker’s by scanning the QR code below.  When you do that, you’ll be helping another small business too, ours.  And, importantly, you’ll have access to special deals, meals and events that Chucky will only announce on NotifyMe.

We are NotifyMe and we are your business’s answer to the plague of big tech and social media.

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