If You Can Opens new office in Thailand

If You Can Opens new office in Thailand

If You Can, a leading security and notification technology provider for individuals and organizations has just opened its new headquarters in Thailand. This milestone materializes the company’s long-term growth strategy in the country. 

IYC Bangkok

After successful business development growth and an increased workforce, the company has turned to Thailand to open its new headquarters. Located in Phrom Phong with a panoramic view of Bangkok, the office of an area of 200 m2 features an open space, meeting rooms, a multimedia corner, a relax zone as well as a full kitchen.  

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office,” said Mr. Craig White, CEO of If You Can. “This milestone demonstrates our expansion in Thailand and our commitment to the country. This perfect setting will enable our staff to be more fulfilled and our clients to have the opportunity to easily meet us in downtown Bangkok,” he added.

If You Can’s new headquarters leverages the company’s development in terms of business and workforce in Thailand. It’s especially the case for its R&D team that will expand to answer the growing needs of the Asian market for security and notification solutions. 

“Opening this new office in Bangkok is in line with the company’s long-term growth strategy targeting individuals and organizations from various industries,” said Mr. Chadchaphol Sukaramula, Director of Business Development at If You Can. “As our customer base continues to grow, this new setting is the perfect opportunity for us to increase our workforce in order to be closer to and to better serve these clients,” he added. 

If You Can offers a full range of solutions tailored to the needs of the Thai market. NotifyMe is a multi-language notification delivery platform for all organizations to build effective loyalty programs through real-time messages to their staff and clients. If You Can also offers data protection and logistics services as well as mobile applications to help organizations of all sizes to run their business efficiently and smoothly. 


About If You Can Company Limited

If You Can is an information technology company, focused on security and real-time communications as well as bespoke business analytics applications. We aim to organize and present data that is meaningful for our customers. Our Protection Suite provides products that secure and organize information on mobile devices for individuals and families. Our Notification Suite allows for entities to provide timely and relevant information to their stakeholders. Our Custom Projects are customized to enable organizations to develop information-based elements for their businesses, including logistics, proximity marketing, and personalized promotions.

If You Can is a business that values quality, teamwork, and customer-focused excellence.

For more information, visit https://www.ifyoucan.com/

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